Frequently Answered Questions

  1. When does registration begin?   Online registration will open on December 1st.  We are still finalizing our in-person registration dates but will announce them as soon as they are confirmed.
  2. I missed the registration deadline can I still register my son or daughter? We will make every effort to accommodate any late registrants.  However, once the draft is completed and teams are set, we may be more limited in who we can accept based on the number of teams and each team’s current number of players.
  3. Do you have to live in Roselle or Medinah to play with the RMSBO?  No!  We welcome families from all over our area.
  4. What is the birthday cutoff for each division? For boys, the birthday cutoff date is May 1st while for girls it is January 1st.  In order to move up to the next division, your child’s birthday must be on, or after, the cutoff date.
  5. What is the age for T-Ball? Our T-ball program is designed for 5 & 6 year-old children.  The program focuses on teaching the very basic skills, such as base running, glove placement and proper batting stance.  T-ballers do play games however, they are more centered at applying the skills they learn during practice in a game setting. 
  6. What does my registration fee cover? Every child that registers for in-house will receive a team jersey, hat, pants and baseball socks.  Because the RMSBO is 100% not-for-profit, we rely on registration fees to help cover basic operating costs like annual rental fees, equipment maintenance and replacement, field maintenance, umpire costs and insurance.
  7. What other gear do I need to purchase for my child?  You will need to purchase a glove and cleats for your player.   Boys must wear an athletic cup as well. Our managers have team helmets and bats that your child can use.  Of course, you can purchase that gear as well, if you’d prefer.
  8. If we have to pay to register, why do we also have to participate or buy out of the fundraiser?  Each season, our organization faces a hefty dollar amount to keep the entire program running.  You work hard for your money and we want to keep our costs down as much as possible.   The candy fundraiser helps ups to offset these costs and maintain low registration fees. 
  9. How long does the season run?  Weather permitting, practice season begins on April 1st.  Opening day is typically scheduled for the last Sunday in April and is the kickoff for the season.   Games will run through the last Saturday of June and includes playoffs. 
  10. How do I find out about rainouts and field conditions?  Your team manager will contact you regarding any scheduling changes or cancellations.  The Roselle and Medinah Park District will update their hotlines and/or website with field information.   For more information on this, please click  Please DO NOT contact the Park Districts for field condition information.
  11. Why does it take so long for the schedule to come out? We work with other towns to create our schedule, and there’s a lot of coordination that goes in to determining field availability, the number of teams and making sure that we have an even amount of games for each team.  We strive to deliver the schedule as quickly as possible, but your patience and understanding is appreciated!
  12. How do you become a team manager or coach? We rely 100% on our parent and family volunteers to help us run these programs.  You do not need to be an experienced coach and we welcome anyone to volunteer.  All volunteers must submit to a mandatory background check and attend at least one Coaches Certification session.  The RMSBO will supply each manager with an equipment bag and everything they will need to lead their team in a successful season.  Perspective managers and coaches must sign up online or during one of our in-person registration dates.
  13. How are the teams picked? For most of our divisions, where there are enough registrants for multiple teams, a player draft will be held in mid-March.  All managers will meet to go over rules and select their teams.  While we do our best to accommodate special requests, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be met. 
  14. Are practices mandatory?  While do not mandate practices, we encourage all of our players to attend as many practices as possible.  Baseball is a team sport and teams are stronger and more successful when they can practice together. 
  15. My son/daughter is interested in umpiring.  Do you offer umpire positions? Yes!  We are always looking for umpires to work over the season.  Umpires must be 13 years of age and have flexibility to work evenings and weekends.  Schedules are flexible and this is a paid position – it’s the perfect summer job for your teens!   We will provide all of the training and gear to each of umpires. Interested parties can register online or sign up at one of our in-person registration days.
  16. Do you accept sponsorships? YES!  Because we are not-for-profit, we rely heavily on sponsors to help keep us going.  All donations and sponsorships are welcomed with open arms.
  17. How do you become a board member? Our board is comprised of entirely of volunteers.  Many of current board members are parents and coaches from both in-house and travel.   If you are interested in becoming a board member, you can declare for a position at our July meeting each year.   Voting takes place in September.  Qualifications and responsibilities of board members can be found in our Constitution posted here
  18. When are your board meetings held and are they public? Our board has their monthly public meeting the first Tuesday of each month and are typically held at the Roselle Scout Lodge.  August through March, the meetings will begin at 7:30pm.  April through July, meetings will begin at 8:30pm to accommodate practices and games.  Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.
  19. When are travel team tryouts?  Travel teams typically schedule their tryouts in mid-July for the following season.  You should inquire with a specific travel team manager if you are looking to get your son or daughter on a team.

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